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April 15, 2024 – Summerfield, FL Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. has published God’s Final Warning! The Apocalypse, written by Angela Renee. The book, 484 pages hardcover book is on sale now.

The reason for the coming apocalypse is to rid the world of all evil that is being committed. God’s is charging the world with REPEATED FAILURE TO OBSERVE DIVINE REGULATION. God sent Moses and the prophets to show us the way. We did not obey Moses or the prophets. God sent his only son to show his love to the world. The world took the love He gave and has used it as a template to market and profit from the crucifixion.

False teachers are not following the true teachings of God through Moses or through Jesus. Many of God’s people have not had a chance to learn the truth of Jesus’ teachings and are at risk of perishing. This warning from God is confirmed in the Old Testament and The New Testament, and is the last warning that will be coming to us before God’s final judgment against the evil of this world. Anyone reading this cannot say to God or his angels that no warning was given.
This warning to the world has been signified by God through Jesus’ teachings, Ezekiel’s visions of the worship around God’s throne seen 2500 years ago, John’s vision around God’s throne nearly 2000 years ago, and original 1999 color photos of Ezekiel’s and John’s visions, taken by Angela Renee’, are included in this book, as well as illustrations of the Garden of Eden events.

Latest News:

Honky Tonk Network Shares Dusti Roads Rehearsal for Season 2 with The Dusti Roads Show Theme Song

January 18, 2023 – Summerfield, FL – Excitement building for Season 2 of The Dusti Roads Show as Dusti Roads rehearses through camera and lighting checks for Season 2. Honky Tonk Network upgraded camera and lighting equipment after this rehearsal. Dusti Roads shows here excitement for the upcoming season with the song Old Faithful, (You Can Call Me Dusti) written by Angela R. Anderson (BMI) and performed by Josh Leonard.

Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. Announces New Job Openings for 2023

2023 Job Openings

December 27, 2022 – Summerfield, FL – Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. announces new job openings for 2023. Below is a list of the current job openings for Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. / Honky Tonk Network / The Dusti Roads Show. Online applications and full job descriptions will be available by January 15, 2023. For those interested in submitting application/audition links, feel free to visit our contact page and reference the job number you are interested in.

Available Positions

  • 32820231 – Entry Level Social Media Assistant
  • 32820232 – Human Resource Manager (Nashville, TN)
  • 32820233 – Manager Accounting, Revenue Share & Royalty
  • 32820234 – Executive Assistant
  • 32820235 – Data Entry Clerk (Typist/transcriptionist)
  • 32820236 – Camera Technician (2)
  • 32820237 – Publicist Assistant
  • 32820240 – Traffic Coordinator
  • 32820242 – Video Coordinator
  • 32820241 – General Labor (4) (Printing / Packing / Sorting)
  • 42020231 – Sound Engineer / Assistant Producer (Nashville, TN)
  • 32820238 – E-Commerce Web Developer
  • 42020232 – Musician – Lead Guitar (Nashville, TN)
  • 42020239 – Musician – Rhythm Guitar (Nashville, TN)
  • 42020233 – Musician – Drummer (Nashville, TN)
  • 42020234 – Musician – Keyboardist/Piano Player (Nashville, TN)
  • 42020235 – Musician – Steel Guitar (Nashville, TN)
  • 42020236 – Musician – Trumpet (Nashville, TN)
  • 42020237 – Musician – Bass (Nashville, TN)
  • 42020238 – Musician – Saxophone (Nashville, TN)

Affinity Publishing Group Inc.’s CEO Shares Her Story of Success

December 14, 2022 – Summerfield, FL – Angela R. Anderson, CEO of Affinity Publishing Group Inc. shares her story of success. In a recent evaluation of the company’s future, Anderson admits that her biggest mistake in the past 23 years has been not having enough faith in herself and placing her faith in others. Faith in her songwriters was never a question.

The expression, “Don’t quit your day job.” was a resounding “white noise” by everyone who offered “advice” to the young entrepreneur and singer. Anderson followed the advice of everyone. She worked hard at her day job from transferring videos to IT management and software development.

For the past 23 years the company struggled to make it because Anderson never really spent the time she needed to make her own company grow and her dreams of singing come true. Although everyone gave her well intentioned advice, they were WRONG!

Anderson failed to follow the one “voice” speaking to her. God. After mourning the death of her adopted mother in 1998, Anderson asked God for a husband. In the midst of hysterical tears, she heard “Now will you sing for me?” So excited and surprised to actually get an answer, Anderson said she would be married to God until she married her husband.

Failure after failure for the past 24 years of building up and then losing everything, Anderson finally, this year, made the choice to lay everything on the line once again and to trust that God wanted her to sing. This time she would only listen to God.

When Anderson started listening to God and disregarding the “white noise”, things began to turn around in a big way. Recently out of an 8 month sabbatical with God, Anderson knows that God will not fail her now. She is now on stage keeping her promise to God and walking is His light. Her promised husband will come, and they will reap the rewards that have been planned for them from the beginning.

“God has been the only one to invest in my company. When I realized that, failing was not scary anymore.” said Anderson.

“When I first moved to Tennessee, I went to the local grocery store IGA. They had a weekly bankroll and if your ticket was punched when they called you, you would win the bankroll money. I remember telling God that if He would let me win the bankroll, I would buy a guitar and amplifier with the money.” said Anderson. “A few weeks later IGA called! I won the bankroll! It was $412. Although the water bill and electricity bill needed to be paid, I left IGA with $412 and went straight to the music store and bought my guitar and amplifier! And, with the change left over, I bought my neighbors each a carton of cigarettes.” quipped Anderson. “It was our 1st Dollar. God was my investor from the beginning.”

“It really pays to keep promises to God. God is my light. God is my water. God is my investor.” said Anderson. “My only regret is that I did not figure out sooner that it is better to put your trust in God and not in people, and certainly not in money.”

Affinity’s success is assured because God is the “Inc.” of Affinity Publishing Group, Inc..

Audio Problems on Honky Tonk Network prompts Dusti Roads to Release New Song Early

December 10, 2022 – Summerfield, FL – Problems with the audio setup forces Dusti Roads to sound check without music. The country singer thought it was a great time to practice a new song written by Angela Renee’ Anderson(BMI) for Passover 2022. The new song titled “God Took The Thorns Off The Roses” will be featured on The Dusti Roads Show’s, “New Year Concert Special” coming on Honky Tonk Network in January 2023 during Season 2. Honky Tonk Network has not set the exact season opening date as of yet. “We are lining up our guests and are in taping. We are also selecting the television stations that will air The Dusti Roads Show. Our initial plan is to open in 7 cities across the country. We want launch in all cities at the same time. It is our expectation to complete the television programming schedule by the end of the year.” said Angela R. Anderson, CEO of Affinity Publishing Group, Inc.

Learning To Dance Again – Written By Angela Renee Anderson (BMI) – Performed By: Dusti Roads

The Dusti Roads Show – Pilot – The Heart Of Murfreesboro

The Dusti Roads Show – Crying For Patsy Cline & The Honky Tonk Sound on Honky Tonk Network

The Dusti Roads Show – Season 1 Trailer

The Dusti Roads Show Fathers Day Special Mrs. Alberta’s Birthday Party


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Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. (APGI) was founded in 1999 by Angela R Anderson and is incorporated in Tennessee and Florida. Celebrating 22 years in business, APGI was incorporated in 2000 in Tennessee and 2021 as a foreign corporation in Florida.
APGI companies include: Honky Tonk Network, The Dusti Roads Show, Affinity Ministries, Bryangela Entertainment, Honky Tonk Music TV, Xcelsius Music (BMI), Xcelsius Media, and Tape To DVD Treasures.
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Most importantly, to make God proud our company and of the community of people who walk in this new light, with us.
We are venturing in a new area in a media dominated world. Although we are very new in television programming, we are creating a community of positive television programming for everyone. We are loading content daily and should have opportunities for local viewers to be able to be a part of our shows. We want viewers like you on our broadcasts.