Affinity Singers & Songwriters Preparing for The Spotlight

Betty Jones

Climbing Faith Mountain Written By Betty Jones Performed By Josh Leonard

January 25, 2022 – Betty Jones, 82 year old grandmother from Murfreesboro. Affinity released Mrs. Jones’s song and video “Climbing Faith Mountain”, performed by Josh Leonard, on The Dusti Roads Show. She burst into tears when Anderson told her the song would be released. “God told me to bring these to you.” said Mrs. Jones as she burst into tears. Mrs. Jones is a gifted songwriter and her love for God can be clearly felt in the words of her songs.

Betty Jones – Climbing Faith Mountain

Irene & Ron

Make This Christmas The Best Written by Irene & Ron Massey

January 25, 2022 Irene Massey Potoski and Ronald Paul Potoski came to Affinity Publishing Group, Inc from Brooklyn Ohio. “I really love their sound. It’s a clean old school sound like I used to hear on the radio.” Affinity Publishing Group, Inc signed the singing duo in 2010.

Bryan Touney

Bryan Touney featured on Episode 3 of The Dusti Roads Show “That’s Entertainment”

Bryan Touney

Music For The Soul

Tammy Lynn Ports – Country Gospel Singer

Tammy Lynn Ports – Singer/Songwriter/Musician

They Still Nail The Message To A Tree by Tammy Lynn Ports

January 25, 2022 – Tammy Lynn Ports is a fantastic Country Gospel singer. Born in Greenville South Carolina, Tammy started singing at the age of 2 years old. Her first performance was at Sunrise Baptist Church in Asehville, NC. She also has many other performances under her belt including performances with Tennessee River Bottom Boys, opening for Lorrie Morgan in Michigan, Freddie Fender, and Ace Cannon. “When I heard Tammy’s songs in 2005, I knew immediately I wanted her as a songwriter for Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. Her voice is what has been missing in Country Gospel music.” stated Angela Anderson President/CEO of Affinity. Tammy’s songs will now be heard here on Honky Tonk Network and Affinity Ministries.

Josh Leonard “King of Country

January 25, 2022 King of Country was written by Angela Anderson. Josh Leonard is the hardest working singer for Affinity Publishing Group, Inc.

When Josh came to Affinity, He did not come to sing,  he came as a customer and mentioned that his family sang and then I asked him I said “Well do you sing”.,  He said “A little”.  Shoot! Josh put the C in country music. Josh can sing.  Josh sang everything I put in front of Him and he recorded everything I asked him to so I’m excited to be able to Introduce Josh Leonard.” stated Angela Anderson, President/CEO of Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. Josh is the “King Of Country” here on Honky Tonk Network and all of our companies!

Donna Marie Underwood (Shauna Rose)

Donna Marie Underwood – Singer/Songwriter

Lift Me Up Written By Donna Marie Underwood

January 25, 2022 – Coming soon to Honky Tonk Network and the Affinity Publishing Group, Inc programming is Donna Marie Underwood or also known by her stage name Shauna Rose. Donna signed as a songwriter with Affinity Publishing Group, Inc. in 2007. “Donna was still in high school when we signed her. At such an early age Donna had a gift with words. We are excited to finally have a venue for Donna and all of our songwriters. Donna is one of Affinity’s hidden treasures whose songs will be very relevant in our future success.” stated Angela Anderson, President/CEO of Affinity Publishing Group, Inc.


Ernest C. Finch, Jr.

Lots of Time By Ernest C Finch Jr.

Traditional Country Songwriter

January 25, 2022 – Affinity Publishing Group, Inc., signed Ernest C. Finch, Jr. to an exclusive songwriter agreement in 2002. Finch is living proof that dreams do come true. The 75 year old disabled construction worker and grandfather has been writing since he was a teenager, and mostly performed his songs for his family, at campgrounds and country barns.

Finch first contacted Affinity in 2000 after reading an article about the company in Murfreesboro’s local newspaper. Affinity refused to listen to Finch’s songs until he secured the copyrights, and Affinity walked him through the copyright process. Once Finch received his copyrights, he then sent his tapes to Affinity. “All of the songs were traditional country songs, you could hear the sound of country music the way it used to be. I knew we would sign him. I believe that country music will someday go back to its roots. Everything in life goes full circle.” said Angela R. Anderson, President of Affinity. “Ernest has that tear in your beer sound, and it shows in his song writing. When listening to his music, it makes me want to go honky tonk. We are very excited to have Ernest as one of our writers, and his music will play a prominent role here on Honky Tonk Network.” said Anderson. Affinity acquired a significant number of traditional country songs by signing Finch. “By the time country music gets back to its roots, Affinity will be ready to make an impact.” quipped Anderson.

Jonathan Scott Lingle Brings in Christmas Early This Year For Xcelsius Music (BMI) with Duet with Tammy Lynn Ports

Jonathan Scott Lingle – Singer/Songwriter/Musician

All I Want For Christmas – Written By Jonathan Scott Lingle – Performed by Jonathan Scott Lingle & Tammy Lynn Ports

January 25, 2022 Born in a small town in Southern Illinois, Jonathan Lingle began to show musical promise at the age of three by plucking out television commercials on the family piano.  Before long, he was writing complete songs at the tender age of 13 and became very active in the arts and music programs of his hometown church and schools.  At fifteen, Jonathan joined a traveling summer ministry, Highest Praise, and for the next three years, began to tour through various parts of the nation and thereby became accustomed to performing in front of very large crowds.             While a student at Greenville College, Jonathan’s own music began to grow and transform into that of a gifted songwriter.  With a musical style that was often compared to Rich Mullins, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Michael W. Smith, Jonathan completed two tours showcasing his original songs throughout the Midwest.  His audience ranged from small country chapels eager to hear new inspirations, to large, booming churches that welcomed his new face and fresh sound.  He appeared on several local and regional radio shows, competed and won many talent and writing contests, and, most intriguingly, was able to take his music around the world through an evangelistic mission trip to Paraguay and Brazil.

            After graduating from Greenville with a degree in Music Composition, Jonathan continued working with churches on a more personal level, accepting a call to work directly with the youth of two separate churches over the span of four years.  During that time, Jonathan become reacquainted with, and married his high school sweetheart and best friend, Elizabeth, to whom he has now partnered with for eleven years.  Four children, a life filled with seasons of peaks and valleys, grace, and love, Jonathan returned to his original calling of worship with a message of freedom in Christ. 

            Jonathan has worked with 180 Degrees Ministries, MasterMix Music, as well as in various Middle Tennessee churches, teaching and leading how to worship God intimately.  With his band, 14 Generations, opportunities such as opening for recording artist Shaun Groves and performing for local and regional youth and special events have presented themselves as well.

             In 2006, Jonathan signed with Affinity Publishing Group, Inc., Murfreesboro’s 1st music publisher.

With the ability to play and lead various styles of music, as well as his proficiency on several instruments including piano, guitar, saxophone, mandolin, lap and hammered dulcimers, Jonathan continues to pursue a personal relationship with his Savior draped in his love for worship through meaningful lyrics and original music.    

His heart and persona ring a sound that continues to attract audiences, provide encouragement, and place the joy of God in the hearts of the many who already love him. 

Lani Taylor

Worry Not Written By Lani Taylor

 January 25, 2022 – As the saying goes , “ big things come in small package ‘ Lani  Taylor 99 lbs and under 5  feet  is a giant   when she  goes in front of an audience.  Very attractive  French/ Spanish / Filipino ,  with a sparkling  personality.  Who bubbles  shakes and vibrates with  endless  talent and  energy.          Born in the south pacific,  she dance  and sing island songs and glides easily into Spanish ballads,  Hawaiian songs , Tagalong  ( Philippines)  Jewish and even Latin,  she learned as a choir member  during school  years.                                                       

                           In her  late teens,  she worked in the movie industry   as a dancer,  bit player, photographic doubling and stunts for  a number of major films and was a regular for several  television series , while performing at   The Sevens  Restaurant , a Polynesian club in Hollywood   in the evenings.   She did this work for two years.  She then joined a Tahitian group that traveled the west coast including Disneyland  for  the  summer  and   the Nevada circuit   the rest of the year .   She was the only non Tahitian dancer  in that show . After  a year she joined a Polynesian revue traveling the east coast,  from Broadway  in
Manhattan New York  to Miami Beach,  Florida , where on a week to week contract was kept for almost two years.  There she met and married   Jerry Taylor  a stand up comedian, singer/ musician, and  formed the  “Jerry and Lani Show “ ,   a much sought after revue,  backed by a five piece band.                                                                                                                                     

Shauna Rose
Shauna Rose (Singer/Songwriter)

Work In Progress Quartet
Work In Progress Quartet (Southern Gospel Singing Group)

Country Singer Dusti Roads (Singer/Songwriter/Musician/TV Show Host/Producer)

Kenneth Austin Graham
Kenneth Austin Graham (Voice Over Actor)

Betty Jones
Betty Jones (Songwriter)

Josh Leonard
Josh Leonard (Country Singer)
Lani Taylor (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)
  • Ernest C Finch, Jr. (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)
  • Shauna Rose (Singer/Songwriter)
  • Work In Progress Quartet (Southern Gospel Singing Group)
  • Dusti Roads (Singer/Songwriter/Talk Show Host/Producer)
  • Kenneth Austin Graham (Voice Over Actor)
  • Bryan Touney (Musician/Singer/Songwriter)
  • Betty Jones (Songwriter)
  • Josh Leonard (Country Singer)
  • Lani Taylor (Singer/Songwriter/Musician)

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